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Every body is different and Manisha Chopra, indeed understands every body has different needs and also responds differently. Implementing a one-size-fit-approach isn’t very effective and she belives in crafting customized plans to achieve one’s personal fitness goals smoothly. She makes it a point to accentuate on quality nutrition choices for added health benefits.

Whether it’s one-on-one counseling sessions or conducting health seminars for groups, Manisha is able to render the latest and often complex nutrition and health information and advice, that’s simple to comprehend and implement in your day to day routine. The program is designed in such a way that will provide insights into how to design a way of life which maintains “wellness” rather than merely treating illness.

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How Does It Work?

Data Collected Via Form

Once you are onboarded and ready to kickstart your fitness journey, we begin with collecting all the crucial details about you. A form link is given wherein your current situation, your purpose for joining the program and what do you aim at achieving out of this program is noted.

Evaluation Of Information

Manisha and her team then scrutinizes every detail and do a thorough evaluation of the individual. All the prevailing conditions or restrictions are noted and possible future course of action is acted upon.

Customized Plan

A customized plan is prepared to suit one's individual needs under the guidance of Manisha Chopra. Along with suitable workout exercises, lifestyle habit changes are also incorporated in the overall output.

Weekly Progress & Updates

Once the plan is shared, we track our customer's weekly progress and analyze the loopholes. Well, in the end, "What can't be measured, can't be improved", isn't it?

To Get Started With Your Personalized Plan

Manisha Chopra's Bestselling Short Term Inch Loss Plan


Presenting to you Manisha Chopra’s Bestselling Short Term Inch Loss Plan
If you do not see a visible difference, we guarantee money back.
Yes, you heard that right!


Pick your goal : Fat Loss, Body Recomposition or weight gain

Pick your level : Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

Genders : For all gender

Workout Level : New, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Diet : Based on macros and portions – no restrictive menus plans. Flexible to your lifestyle and cultural food


  • Once we have your goal aligned, we enaure to take our course of action on the same lines.
  • Our plans offered are always adaptable to your level of experience or your level of ability on doing any tasks.
  • All the charts organized for you are age and gender inclusive, tailored to your specific lifestyle, goals and health issues, if any.
  • An exclusive diet chart is prepared based on your previous eating habits and pattern.
  • The food plan is created by the trained and certified nutritionist that understands the focus on ones health and immunity.


  • A dedicated nutritionist is assigned to you untill the end of the duration of program, which helps in easy tracking and monitoring your body’s performance.
  • An in-depth consultation call is undertaken to understand your history, habits, requirements and goals. Based on the conversation, we develop a fully personalized plan for you.
  • Workouts are a complimentary add on in the program with DIY approach. In case of any injuries or issue, the plan is designed around it to give you the most effective yet efficient output.

24×7 chat support is available for the entire duration of the plan and any queries would be catered to.

Start Body Transformation From Home

To Get Started With Your Personalized Plan

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